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Thanks for every comments, favs, and watches!;w;


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BlackCatShooter's Frequently Ask Question


hi guys (: i got notes about these questions lately. and i think its more efficient to write them down here (: here goes the questions

1. How do you improve? i mean, what exactly you do during everyday to improve your art skill?
i cant sit on my computer all day, if i dont have time to draw on tablet, i will just draw on my fail mathematic paper (; quick doodle should do it. at least, draw something in a day! anything (:

2. What program do you use to draw?
i cant use photoshop, so i use paint tool sai (: quick effect using photoscape, and textures with photoshop, brushes if needed tho in photoshop.

3. Do you have any tips in improving our arts?
i used to follow tokyo mew mew's manga. i followed the arts, every panels, on my paper. its like having tokyo mew mew in BCS's style ((:
no no its not tracing or copying, but u can see, in one page of manga, there's a lot of poses and angles, even face expressions o: its a good way to train. collect some arts from your fav artists, look at it, and try to experiment. oh! look up for tutorials at youtube! here i will give u something interesting (:
:bulletblue:… :bulletblue:
drawn by kidchan

4. I draw almost everyday, but my skill is still the same ):
dont stop to train, u will get better in few seconds if u put your heart into every works (:

5. Can i use your artworks for banner/profilepicture/posting it in blogs or websites?
YESyou can, but as long as you includes my dA link ^o^/ and don't erase the BCS mark on the artworks. Except, don't use my arts for entering contest and such. If you find someone illegally posts my artworks for contests you could note or comment me here !

that's all for some questions that sent to me (: thank you !




[FULL]sketch commission

Sun Mar 23, 2014, 6:13 PM
Hello guys! How do you do?
Im sorry for being inactive.. loads of college stuff.
But I will open slots for traditional sketch commissions. So I dont have to sit near pc all the time!

Price : 15$
im sorry that i have to raise the price a little bit, i realized that traditional is more harder than digital, there's so much detail and i wouldn't want to call this commission as 'rough sketch' but detailed sketch.. i hope you guys would understand and i will do my best ^o^9
Tight up. B/W. Simple shading. Traditional sketch.
Payment method : paypal only
sketch commission batch01 by BlackCatShooter

Slot :

1. Lilianthus done
2. AkasunaKage done
3. FrailSnail
4. PurrfectlyKind
5. RubyMoonz
thank you my lovely commissioner!

Fill this form :
Name : your da nickname
References :
Fav color :

I only accept picture references. Im drawing fanart of your character, not character designing.

Thank you for your attention♥
I will be replying late because im on campus right now ^   ^

your Map

:iconloveloveplz:Find Me On:iconloveloveplz:


omg Andy Biersack

:iconloveloveplz:ANDY SIXX:iconloveloveplz:

Andy Biersack known as Andy Sixx/Six/6 is a lead singer in Black Veil Brides band. And, he just robe my heart, like seriously. Like hard rock songs? Go watch him in YouTube!


insert something here~




meownato loves meowji
sasuke icon made by xxxRushi for me !
dont use it or RAWR

:bulletyellow: :3

Clip-on Headphones by AnimaliaKingdom:-BlackCatShooter Stamp- by Soniafanz:Full Moons... by AnimaliaKingdom
thanks Soniafanz for making this stamp ;w;!

i <3 doodle
Persona 3 / 4
Ar tonelico 1 / 2
Final Fantasy X / X-2 / 12
Threads Of Fate
Legend of Mana
Chocobo Racing / Dungeon II





people i look up into




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crisisdestriX Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Still lovin' your art! =)
VonDiezyl Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Hey there,

I realize you might be super busy and all that, but I was just wondering if you wanted to check out my event?

It's called, "I'm Real, Are You?" and the reason I'm holding it, is because I was recently a victim, among many other Deviants, to someone who had created a fake DeviantArt account with photos they stole from a Facebook. Long story short ~ They hurt a lot of people, and ruined a few lives in the process.

I'd really love it if you take part in the event, and help to bring back faith in people on DA and the internet, and let everyone know that there are people who can be trusted Heart

Here's some more info!

I'm Real, Are You?I came across a photo today that really jumped out at me. And in light of some situations that occurred in my life recently, I imediately decided it just made sense to pass it on and to do the same myself.
This is the photograph by :iconvintageshadow:
I want to do the same as him, and create my own photograph of myself with a hand written sign.
I think it's EXTREMELY important for my watchers to believe in me and who I am, because you guys are my family and my lifeline. Without you all, I would be a very lonely person.
It also pains me that in the current internet society, there are a lot of frauds and fakers, who pose to be people who they are not for multitudes of reasons. I want you all to know that I AM NOT one of those people. I am very much who I say I am and would never misrepresent myself no matter how much I disliked myself.
SO I'm going to create a little event out of this, and I'd really appreciate it if at least some of my watchers decided to take part in i

Thanks so much! Hug

Ah I remember being avid fan of yours in like 2011, it makes me happy to see how much you have grown ovo
Keep being awesome!
Ho my gosh I just saw your NaruGaa speedpaint on youtube and... asdfgdashfs I JUST LOVE YOUR ARTSU!!:icondurrhurrplz:
 Your drawing skills are so pro and omg... those bishies :iconmaniacsmileplz: //huffhuff
animenerdz824 Nov 1, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I seriously love your art and hope I can draw like you one day!!
AskAnMadEnderDragon Oct 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
R-kaskullby Oct 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
your art is amazing!I will watch youEmoji39 
Laevier Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what an inspiration ;w; !!
DrukGyalpo Sep 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
La la la la Thanks for the watch and the +fav  
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